Saddlery & leather work





Saddlery and leather work is very varied.
I make horse equipment but I also make equipment for gunsmen, sportsmen (archery), bags, belts, holders and more.

I hand sew almost everything the old fashioned way with the pincers between the knees. Hand sewing is extremly solid, if after a time one stitch should give way not all the stitches will come out as with machine stitching.

I also do less artistic work but work that is usefull to all.
I repare and re sew everything that people bring me : covers made of canvas, seats, tents etc. The liste is almost unlimited.

Mistral d'autan, Saddlers, 81310 Lisle sur Tarn.        Telephone (33) 5 63 57 59 20           email:


Mistral d'Autan
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