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Mini halter for Llama
Making of a donkey's pack-saddle
Leather Cavecon
Caveçon Cuir

Synthetic halter bridle

A halter that you can fix a bit to by snap-hooks.

• No time loss putting on and taking off the bridle.
• No risque of your horse escaping as you change equipment.
• Ideal to let your horse eat and drink.
• Ideal at the Vet Gate to gain time.
• Easy use.
• The Mistral d’Autan bridle is made from straps born from alpine technology.

• Soft and supple (unlike plastic bridles), solid, doubled in Neoprene at certain parts.
• The reins are covered in English rubber.
• Very easy care : soap and water from time to time.

Licol Bridon synthetique

Licol Bridon synthetique

Licol Bridon synthetique
Leather halter
Licol cuir
Synthetic halter
Licol synthetique
 Leather halter bridle
Horse head
by E. Charrier

Bridon licol cuir
Bridon licol cuir
Rope bridle and reins


 Leather covered bit
Mors habillé cuir
Mors habillé cuir
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